Ordering by Telephone

When you need wound care supplies call us at 1-800-320-8890.

We offer wound care specialists for you to place your order. From the time you place your order you will have the same wound care specialist throughout your treatment. Our Wound Care Specialists will be responsible for the ongoing relationship with your treatment staff or caregiver and for providing them with product support and clinical information when needed.

JD Medical Supplies, lnc. is committed to working with you to ensure that the level of knowledge and quality of resident/patient care continues to grow.

JD Medical Supplies, Inc. offers the best available products to promote the best healing environment. During the initial conversation the wound, its dimensions, and treatment will be discussed.

All documentation is processed and the resident or patient receives the appropriate dressings for the wound. We continue to monitor the progress and make sure that the patient/resident shows progression throughout the healing process.

HIPAA Policy

JD Medical Supplies, Inc. is committed to protecting staff and clients from illegal or damaging actions by individuals. JD Medical Supplies Inc. exercises the proper release of PHI and other confidential or proprietary information.

Acceptable use of the computer / fax ordering system does not compromise PHI. We guard against inappropriate use which exposes JD Medical Supplies, Inc. to risks, compromise of network systems and services breach of patient confidentiality and other legal claims.

This statute applies to employees, volunteers, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, students and others authorized by JD Medical Supplies, Inc. to have access to computer equipment and other equipment which stores patient data, including all personnel affiliated with third parties. This policy applies to all equipment owned or leased by JD Medical Supplies, Inc.

Confidential information shall be protected at all times.