About Us

Program Overview

JD Medical Supplies, Inc. is an independent provider of wound care products for the long term care industry. We have been providing the best quality of wound care for over 15 years, in many facilities, clinics and at patients’ homes.

We are an accredited Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetic Orthotic Supplier (DMEPOS) as a participating Medicare Part B provider.

As a participating Medicare provider, we accept full assignment of all claims; which means that neither the resident nor the facility will receive a bill for denied services. We have a commitment to excellence for patient care. We provide continuing education of wound care for all nurses and patient care givers.

When you work with us, we offer a comprehensive line of wound care products from all manufacturers.

Our protocols are simple, easy, and effective for doctors’, patients’ and caregivers’ ease. We offer wound care for pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, vascular and neuropathic ulcers, burns, and many other wound etiologies.

Leading Wound Care

For doctors, clinicians and caregivers, we have become a trusted partner for our knowledge and product selection.

  • We follow your doctor’s orders and provide you with the supplies that have been ordered.
  • We verify and bill your insurance directly.
  • We ship your supplies directly to your home or to your long term care facility.
  • We have developed a system to promote care and determine concise ordering.

Our Experience

We are a leading wound care supply company offering an extensive line of products from many manufacturers. Over the many years that we have been in business, we have overcome the obstacles that wound care presents. We provide effective delivery of product combined with guideline compliance for improved patient outcome.

We serve patients, clinics, and residents throughout the United States with our advanced wound care system.

Since we are a participating provider, we bill Medicare first, then bill secondary insurance as applicable and then as required by Medicare, we bill the patient, if a balance is due. Medicare requires that every patient that receives services paid by the Medicare program be responsible for the 20% not paid by Medicare. This amount is almost always covered by a secondary insurance. We will file private insurance claims and/or Medicaid will also be billed.